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Brand new Psyche shirts.
Logo design in various styles, colors, and even glow in the dark!
Available in M, L, XL. Order direct or check the shop here: PSYCHE T_SHIRTS



7" Single

We are not really sure who came up with the admittedly kitsch idea of covering the AC/DC classic Thunderstruck, but after seeing it performed live as an encore from Stockholm to Malmo, we were sold. The familiar melody makes a killer analogue synthline, and the vocal performances by Tracy Howe and Darrin Huss are bang-on. Surely, tongues are firmly planted in cheeks on this one, but you've never had more fun, and after all that is what synthpop is all about!

The exclusive b-side Underrated is an original track that combines the best elements of Psyche and Rational Youth, with Howe's almost deadpan style creating the perfect counterpoint to Huss' crooning. Underrated is a spontaneous electro wonder created by Kevin Komoda, and brought to a frenetic final statement on unsung heroes by Darrin, Tracy, as well as Gaenor Howe on vocals.

The 7" vinyl is released on Artoffact Records in three colours:

1. Shot-glass clear, limited to 100 copies.  (SOLD OUT!)
2. Can I come again please? white, limited to 150 copies.
3. Texas cheeseburger cheese orange, limited to 250 copies.

The record comes in a 3mm spined-sleeve and is a design replica of the original 1990 Australian-issue sleeve for AC/DC's own Thunderstruck 7". Both the iconic thunderbolt and the artist logos are done in a silver pantone. MP3 download coupon is also included.


7" Single

On this new 7" release, Canadian Dark Synthpop pioneers Psyche collaborate with Belgian Post Wave newcomer Luminance.

Flip it like a pancake but watch out for the moths. The two tracks on this limited 7" vinyl are written and produced by Luminance, and Darrin Huss from Psyche provides lyric and vocal contributions. The result: two earworms by two very different synthpop producers engaging in today's vision for the classic sounds of years past.

A Side: Left Out sounds like a new style hybrid between classic Belgian EBM and shiny dance floor Electro.
B Side: Passenger Seat plummets into the dark suspense of a night time carousel ride, with an Italo-Disco twist!

100 copies on kinda oozy green.
233 copies on less oozy grey.



Experience Psyche on DVD

"Imaginary Life" - documents just over 20 years of Psyche performances. Beginning with "The Crawler" on an Edmonton TV station in 1983 through to videos produced for "Unveiling The Secret", "Eternal", and "Misery", among others. Plus selected live performances of "Tears", "Murder In Your Love", "Sanctuary", and finally "Goodbye Horses" to name a few.

Containing 23 songs in all, you will see additional band members through the years including Dwayne Goettel, David Kristian, Per-Anders Kurenbach and Remi Szyszka.

This is the definitive collection of Psyche's appearances in every incarnation from 1983-2005.

Available direct from PSYCHE HQ.



Unveiling The Secret 2.0

Released in 2006: At 20 years young today, "Unveiling The Secret"  becomes a renewed aural experience through these incantations of the original's haunting melody and lyrics. This is the sound of the 80's on a collision course with the 2.0 generation.

Here, words and sound become flesh once more. Evocations of perhaps the first classic electronic dance song without a chorus. New songs "Open The Sky" and "Wanting" represent the "everything" in between. "My Preservation" written with DJ Ram closes this event with a plaintive farewell to all that once was.

A moment of reflection. From the past unto the future, that the feeling will never go away. 72 minutes of pure electronic pleasure.



This emission of JETLAG was caused after Psyche singer Darrin Huss found himself in DATAFREQ's Studio collaborating with Messrs. Dave Rout (ex Rational Youth) and James White (who had previously remixed Psyche's "X-Rated" for WRLC). The result is running off the tracks with 9:15 (To Nowhere) in it's original version, and crashing into PUNX SOUNDCHECK's remix along the way. But that's not all, JETLAG had enough time to show off their attitude and get GLAMOUROUS as well.

Neon lights, back alleyways, and travelling through different timezones measured in digital or analogue. This is the JETLAG that won't wear off the next day, so you might as well dance and get used to it!


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