Welcome to the Psyche Headquarters,

Happy New Year 2015!
It's been 30 years since we released our debut album "Insomnia Theatre", and a few more years since unleashing our unique blend of Outsider Electropop live on stage. Since then, Psyche has been catagorized as Industrial, EBM, Techno, Synthpop, Gothic, Dark Wave & Electro while always remaining true to the spirit of creating thoughtful and unique synthesizer songs and soundtracks on the dark melancholic, and romantic side of humanity.

A lot has happened since our last full length album "The 11th Hour". 10 years of touring around the world, adding countries like Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Italy to territories we've covered, as well as having several compilations, and even a remastered new 3 LP edition of "Insomnia Theatre" on
VOD Records. Also, "Re-Membering Dwayne" arrived on the US label Dark Entries as a special limited vinyl album that comes with a booklet containing pages of the official Psyche Diary written from 1982-83!

There may be more vintage releases to come, but for now we are looking to the future with new music. Toward the end of last year
"Thunderstruck" & "Underrated" - our collaboration
with Canadian Electro-Pop Legends RATIONAL YOUTH was released after the two bands joined together ealier for 4 Scandinavian dates followed by 5 dates in Germany and one stop in Poland.

While we continue work on a new album, a special 12" Vinyl EP to include new versions of songs such as "Sanctuary", "Tears", "The Crawler", "Ghost", "Unveiling The Secret", and surprises is being mixed for release sometime in this new year. The plan is to then have our next album to include these tracks as a bonus CD to the all new album, which is still going through title changes, so best not to name it until it's truly ready for you all to hear.

Looking back...
The beginning of 2014
saw "The Saint Became A Lush (RadicalG Rework)" beome our first digital single ever which promptly climbed up the Top Ten in the German Alternative Charts (DAC). The mix is a slight update from last year's "Halloween EP (Fan Edition)" at Psyche's Bandcamp Store, and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other services worldwide. Here's the video: http://youtu.be/f2EU80xKljg

Other highlights at the beginning of 2014 included Psyche performing  in Mexico City f
or the third time in the 5 years since our debut when we recorded the live album "Noche Oscura" there in 2008.

Here you will find many performances from around the world on the playlist: www.youtube.com/psyche-live
Check our updated schedule for new dates on the concerts page.

Enjoy these releases, and hope to see you around at our next shows. 3 decades going strong.
Thanks for listening, coming to see us perform, and support of Psyche's music throughout the years.

Darrin C. Huss

News from 2013...

The Canadian Original LP Mix of "Insomnia Theatre"
available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and co. as well.

Our "Rare Mixes & B-Sides" was released to great acclaim on Friday the 13th in September. Again exclusively to our 
Bandcamp Store.This digital only collection of deleted CD-Single B-Sides, rare collaborations, and never before released mixes of songs from the 90's up to 2005 is for all to enjoy in any digital format you like. On the market as well is a new "Metal Dance" compilation by renowned DJ and artist Trevor Jackson which includes influential electronic tracks from '79-88 and features our classic "The Saint Became A Lush" in its original form with special liner notes containing details of Psyche's early story, plus the full explanation of this song for the first time ever!!

Back to 2012...

"As The Brain Collapses" on
Infacted Recordings - a new collection of Psyche's  harder edged Electro-Classics from the 80's has sold out! That leaves the last of our equally limited 23rd Anniversary Edition of "The Influence" (click to listen) on Italy's Final Muzik available on CD to order until it's 1,000 copies are gone. "The Influence" originally released in 1989 has been remastered, and re-sequenced, with bonus tracks, and a proper 8 page booklet including all lyrics plus previously unseen press photos, and additional credits. These CDs are available through the links here, just click on the album cover, or send your order request directly to PSYCHE.HQ.

Worldwide shipping for up to 2 Psyche CDs is available for just 3.50. For vinyl lovers, our "All Things Pass Into The Night" EP on OPTIMO MUSIC & KOMPAKT distribution has been a smash success. The final copies were sold out at our concerts. This 12" vinyl contains a refreshed 21st Century "Goodbye Horses" extended version, renamed as it deserves to be the "Immortality Mix". Also, the never before heard 5 minute version of "Eating Violins" found recently in the archives. Plus, 1987's original Electro-Funk Monster "Prisoner To Desire" in a newly intoxicated version. To round out the experience "Contorting The Image" appears remastered from the original source material. Side B can be played at 45 RPM or slowed down to 33 1/3 for a chilling experience!

Get yourself a copy, and blast it from a good old record player!

"Until The Shadows" featuring the Joy Division cover "Disorder", and an all new recording
of "Goodbye Horses"  entitled the 21st Century Mix appeared for the first time on CD on Metropolis Records. "Re-Membering Dwayne" CD version containing the early works of Psyche with Dwayne Goettel is also available on Artoffact Records.

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