I don't know if I can explain
But I can no longer
Look into your eyes
And I just don't understand
How this happened at all

I never wanted this
To happen

There's a black cat on my trail
All my plans are bound to fail
And the dreams I thought we shared
Have been to no avail


When the moon is full
Don't close your eyes
I may be blind
For all you know
I'll lose my way
Into your soul

When the truth is black
And my fear has chains
Will you hold me back
From this hurricane?

Stay with me
Breath life into this room
I could be blind
I could be blind

And we could dance like shadows
Across the moon
Please don't let me see again
Without you


Alone on the rain soaked streets
My voice echoes off the walls
I am serenading no one
Dreaming of foreign places

The wind is calling
Whispers in the breeze
Take me away

Will I find myself
Forever running against the tide?
Give me a sign

I'm lost
Won't you find me? 
Where I stay
At this cathedral


Private desires
Secrets locked away
Thoughts you never wanted to share
How did they get there?

Where is the crime?
Where is the fear?
When you're near the edge?

Do you see them?
Do you hear them?

No one knows you're here
No one is listening
Under surveillance
The camera is loaded
I can hear you breathing
I want to capture you
Steal this moment
Do you see the freaks?




I'd ask the rain
To wash away my tears
And help my life
To erase this fear
Always too much
Love couldbe more than this
Consumed by the fire
In our first kiss

Who will repair this broken heart?
Who can repair this broken heart?

Danger has no boundaries
No holds barred
And when I walk through this crowd
I know that I'll be scarred
Now you know what lies
In the promises you've made
I guess I've pushed too far
You know I've always been afraid

Who will repair this broken heart?
Who can repair this broken heart?


Just leave the money
On the table by the door
No regrets, don't forget
That's what you came here for
Good times for a price
And when you're gone you'll be satisfied

You want to make it
If you can take it
I'll give you anything you need
Don't evade it
You can't forsake it
This promise of ecstasy

If you're lonely
I can feel it
When you want it
I can give it
What you need
I can take it

Are these the things that dreams are made of?
Aren't these the things that dreams are made of?

Anything you want 
Anything you need
You can get it on the streets
You can see it in a magazine
You can touch your T.V. screen

Hear my promise
Come to me


Now the sun is going down
Just when you thought you could walk away
Your memory is slowly changing
And your world has gone astray

Is it wrong to want to live forever?

Hear the voice of a stranger
That never lingers on
But you don't see the danger
Until you don't belong

I don't know if it's wrong 
But I can't wait until the sun goes down

The night has it's price

I can't wait 
I can't wait
Until the sun goes down!

All songs by Darrin Huss/Stephen Huss
(c)SPV Recordings, 1994




Love is a winter 
Now only shadows remind me of you
And if I could have known
There would never be more time
You should be with me now
If only the tears would run dry

Let the fire start
Let it burn inside my heart

Love is a winter
Now only the cold calls my name
Why can't you melt the ice away?
You promised me


I no longer understand what I see
My skin burns from wanting
I never knew people could do those things

In the name of desire?
In the name of lust?

You've seen the act so many times
But somehow it's always changing

New faces
New games
New pleasures

It all seems so unreal
When you know it's only skin
As far as the eye can see

Forbidden excitement everlasting
In the peepshow


Now the night seems cold
And I know there's something wrong
I'm feeling uncertain again
Where once I felt so calm

And I can't understand this violence
Screaming in my head
Like walking through a minefield with you
This cage of solitude
How could you ever lock me in?

This cage of solitude
Don't you ever lock me in

Love doesn't have to be so cruel
It was never my decision to feel this way


Sometimes your love is like a shadow
Hanging over me
Can't you see?
You're walking on my heart
You leave me drowning
Can't you see?
There's no other way
No other way for me

The way you touch me
Is like heaven in pain
The way you hold me
Like heaven in pain

I know I've made mistakes
It's never easy
Can't you see?
Love is stranger than it seems
Still so unsure
I often wonder
How it could have been

The way you touch me...

(c) Darrin Huss, A. Breitung, J.Venus
SPV Recordings, 1992