His hands 
Clenching cold steal mirror bars 
Pulsate muscle and blood 
React to the echo worlds 
His lips crack like baked leather as he gags 
The glass between his eyes is breaking
Mr.Eyeball Ooze 

Wailing in the background, breakdown 
As someone screams Liquid scenes of trench warfare 
Pour down the black interior 
Of his perfectly inflated eyelids 
He doesn´t know if he´s screaming 
His ears are nowhere to be seen 
Mr.Eyeball Ooze 

His hands Clenching cold steal mirror bars 
Pulsate muscle and blood 
React to the echo worlds 
Collide at a glance 
He hears voices 
Do you hear voices? 
I can´t get them out of my head!
I can't get them out of my head!

Mr. Eyeball Ooze 
In a factory workstore 
He becomes a machine!


(Wink of An Eye)

Walk on hot coals 
Until you fall on your back 
Eyes ablaze 
Put me in the shade 
Your emotional overkill 
Makes everyone a slave 
Bodies burn in ice

A knifeblade to your neck 
A wasteland of guilt 
But who can convince you 
You´ve started talking to yourself 
And you live off everyone else 
With a temperamental strategy 
A mind with no ambition 
You make others feel the need 
To live with hedonism 

Living in a cage 
Holding out your hands 
Screaming at a wall 
And no one understands 
As the echo eats away 
At your pride and dignity 
And no-one really cares 

You´ve got the nerve 
To offer sex as consolation 
For all the things that you´ve taken 
You´re a psychic vampire! 

Using others´ guilt as your control 
When you feel the grip is sliding 
You´ll crush the ego 
Leaving empty souls in limbo 
Crying for your help 
Voracious laughter 
The devil´s vice...



Always looking for an insult 
Well I can´t talk to you 
I´ve got something on my mind 
Something on my mind 

And like a maggot It´s eating me up inside 

Watch out for the heartless 
Waiting for the kill 
And as the violins sail 
To quote the virtues of despair 
Quote the virtues of despair

Ooh like a maggot 
It´s eating me up inside 
Eating me up inside 
It´s crawling inside my flesh 
Crawling inside my flesh!


I´m learning what I like about myself
By knowing what I hate about you 
You´re on the one up 
I´m on the down 
But what makes you so sure? 
What makes you so sure?

There´s a wrench in your plans 
There always will be 
Until you can stomp on 
Everyone like me

The bible tells me what´s right or wrong 
The government tells me what´s right or wrong 
My mind tells me 
What´s right or wrong 

But you tell me my mind is wrong 
My mind is wrong 

Wrench in your plans


The pain in your soul becomes pain in your chest 
As someone dies unnaturally 
Because they cheated on their test 

Forgetting the past because it hurts so much 
It hurts so much and we laugh 
It hurts so much it embarrasses us 
And we laugh 

Someone knows you're lying 
And your pride bites back
Someone knows you're lying 
And your pride bites back 
But you feel there's something lacking still 

Consuming life in other ways 
Consiming life in abstract ways 
Consuming life until it's gone away 
Consuming life until it's gone away 

Feel there's something lacking still 

Consuming life in other ways 
Consuming knowledge in painful ways 
Consuming life until it's gone away
Gone away


It was just another typical day 
I was thinking about things in my past 
Sometimes I wish I wouldn´t have done 
I thought it couldn´t matter anymore 
But some people like to keep on digging up the dirt 
Of everything that I´ve done before 

Why should I feel guilty? 
Why should I be the one? 
Why should I feel guilty? 
When I´ve only just begun 
When my life has just begun 

You said you wanted to hear some specifics 
But I just couldn´t be bothered 
With all the gory details 
Of times my ego had been slaughtered 
I know, it was worth it 
Yes it was worth it 
And I enjoyed it 
Yeah, I savoured every moment! 

Why should I feel guilty? 
Why should I be the one? 

My past is my past Let me bury it.




You felt me kiss you like a punch in the face 
Your soul is damned by several sins 
Just trying to get by 
You believe in your lies 
Ignorant to the truth
Children carry knives 

Noise in the background 
Only the hungry are free 
But we fight and love 
With false chivalry 
Everything is clear as babies cry 
And children carry knives 
And you scream and yell 
At the violent offspring 
But it´s a shallow attempt at making sense
When you live with sadistic intention 
Our defence is our destruction 
And our laws for protection 
Are sometimes enough to kill 
Frustration builds with everything 
You try to hide 
Leader of organisation

Growing in anger with all we learn 
The code of ethics is changed 
When our backs are turned 
Strength is the answer 
Passive protest starts to weaken 
But before the fall 
Children carry knives 
 Children carry knives!


In the morning when I awake 
The room spins ´round my stomach ache 
That leads straight to my head 
The curtains are closed 
The room is cold
And there´s nothing left but my memory 
Scratching the air 
Another body falls to the floor 
And a disfigured face waits at the door 
As the brain collapses 

And you couldn´t ever call this living 
When you´re just physically going through directions 
Trying to avoid the obvious dead end 
I don´t want to see the obvious dead end 
As the brain collapses


In the dark I see a thousand eyes 
And no soul 
In the dark dancing away 
Nocturnal wasteland 
Over and over again 
There´s no pleasing them 

In this nocturnal wasteland 

And I can´t find a way 
To solve your problems 
Of telling me of my uses 
Telling you of your abuses

In this nocturnal wasteland 
I see your life slip away 
Nocturnal wasteland 

In the dark I see eyes 
With no soul behind 
Like an unknown hell 
In the back of my mind 
Like the things I wish I could never dream of 
But have to think of 

In this nocturnal wasteland 
Where you take my soul 
You take my heart 
You take my body and rip it apart 
In this nocturnal wasteland 
Nocturnal wasteland