Attempts have failed
Impulse leads to no avail
Body weaving break the fall
I'm coming through the wall

Restless running
Close behind you
Razor eyes
Coming through the wall

Stretched across the sea of skin
Instinct flows like a virus 
In my veins

Teeth come flying out of darkness
Hallway you just turned around
Shows you no door
And the leash breaks
Coming through the wall
It's coming through the wall
I'm coming through the wall

Haunting you


What did you expect to find
Waiting all alone?
Without a cross to bare
In this haunted home
I can't believe there was ever a choice
But I've got to try

Somedays are like magenta
Colours out of time
Will I ever fiond salvation
In this world of mine?

Dwelling like strangers
In this castle of pain
Feeling safe with the danger 
Then laying down the blame


Living In the grey world
Hoping to save time
Holding frozen pages
Unforgotten rhymes



Overcoat in the rain
Waiting at the roadside

Cars and trucks drive on
It's almost dawn

Door slams
Water beating rhythms on glass
Motor fuel keeping time
Hypnotizing driver

Where are you going?
Take me with you
Where are you gonig?
I want to be there too
Keeper of the twilight 
Let me spend the night

Teeth sinking
Eyes watching, tense

After dark
Smell of blood in the cold air

It's almost dawn




From my sleep at night to when I wake
I see things that make me afraid
On the other side of the darkness
A body that doesn't feel quite like my own

I don't know what it really means
To keep my dignity
I was blind but now I see
I'm trapped by misery

Cities I don't recognize
And people that I cannot place
I followed by an angry vision
A past i know I cannot erase

I don't know what it really means to keep my dignity
I was blind but now I see
I'm trapped by misery

Don't know where I'm going 
Because I can't see the end of the road
Without the truth of the story
I'm afraid of what I've been told



Patterns unresolved
A car window is breathing
The shapes of the trees are wrong tonight
And you can't guess the illusion

All the cards have been played
Like a train that's leaving
Faces tell a story
In the dark pool


Sleeping alone at night 
In an empty house
No one can hear your lonely sigh

The walls are wide and claustrophobic
Where will you go?
To drown your sorrows

The phone never rings
The shadow of the night
Permeates the empty space
Where emotion once reside

There was a time of colour
And cheerful faces now like dust
All becomes black and white
Like the sundial
Shifting time

Another day is all in motion
Spring leaves to fall



 Time bends down on it's knees
Waiting like this forever
Who's going to be the next victim?
I'm living without duress

Forever in silence
Forever in silence

If I could
But the clock is broken now

I'm not going down

Everything has it's price
But I don't have to pay it

I don't want to pay it

I'm not going down
Under the influence


The inception
I didn't understand
But now I reason why
You held the future in  your hands
The choice to live or die

All the cards are on the table
But now I see the face of death
You can play if you are able
As long as you can hold your breath

Don't trust the illusion

Where is the guarantee?

Promise we forgot to lie
When the sky came crashing down
Before our very eyes
Don't trust the illusion

I chose the road less travelled by


I can't go out in the cold anymore
I'm afraid of what's around the corner
I give to you my final breath
Just to believe
It will keep me warmer

Misery, comfort me
Unlock the key to my sanity

I was blind but now I see
I'm trapped by misery

Why are you asking me that question?


All songs by David Kristian/Darrin Huss
(c) SPV Recordings, 1989