In the moonlight, by the sea
Thought I was drowning
Now I believe
That sometimes love
It escapes and dies

I just remember 
That look in your eyes

If you believe in me
I will try
If you believe in me
That's all I need to stay alive

When the evening
It makes you sad
I'll be the healing you never had

They may pass you by
But when you need me
I'm at your side



Turn the lights out
Lock the door
Fan the flames you know I'm ready for more
Keep in motion
You got me down
In the darkness
Between the sheets

Alone with you when the angel lies sleeping
Not aware of any danger
Alone with you when the angel lies sleeping
Just like the rhythm of love

Don't hesitate
You're keeping secrets
Melting in the heat
It's screaming through your veins
It burns your soul
And as the image fades
You have to know



Awake to my soul
But not this life
Promise in my sleep tonight

A question to ask
Is my impatience
An envious child in the dark

When memories call
Am I losing my way?
Darkness falls
Will my destiny change?

A moment in time
Beyond the stars
Beauty is gone to the twilight

Always a challenge to give you strength
And in this dream you're not alone

Leave the night behind me
Only love can change these hands



Midnight pilots
Moving silent, unknown
Shadows walking
Dancing backwards
Feels like sadness at home

The ghost in your mind

Fortune stolen
Hearts to borrow
Leave the darkness untold

Don't leave me alone
At the carnival
I don't want to be left 



Glass piano play slow jazz
To the magic of her youth
The songs she heard on the radio
When she was looking for the truth

A smoky cafe, and the dream began
The music would swing and sway
A dance in motion would catch in her eye
What sorrow could not say

Well I can't tell you, it would make a difference
I can't say, I know how to explain
When the sun comes through in the morning
It'll dry your tears away

I can understand your sense of desperation
I can understand why you hold it inside
The rain will come down to wash away on the street
What sorrow cannot say


The night is unfolding
Like a flood in my mind
And the tale that I'm telling
Is leading me blind

I was just a lonely face
Now I want to leave the past behind

No new morals
And I'm uncertain
Future don't be so unkind

Now I'm skywalking
On some unknown cloud
To take me away
When the pain is too loud



It's gotta be
Without a doubt
Something special
Somthing alive

I know fortunes change
Other ways are out of time
Afraid in the night
Up against the wall
Hands are underneath
Casting a spell

Alone with a gun
It's just the shadow of a doubt

So many demons
Chasing after me
Blacker than charcoal
Nothing to see
Now I'm running
Trying to get away

Alone with a gun...

All songs Darrin Huss/Stephen Huss (c)Spv Recordings, 1991
Album produced by Richard Blohm, AKA Sound, Waterloo except "Ghost" with Jor Jenka,Machinery, Berlin