Electronic Legends: No More + Psyche

Out of the neon lights, post punk, and synthesizers of the 80s they came:
For German act No More it was "Suicide Commando" blasting out of speakers all over the European continent.
Psyche's "Unveiling The Secret" was to follow and equally sustain its status as an underground club hit now over two decades later.

These two groups are true legends of the alternative electronic club scene. Their signature tracks have been mixed, compiled, played, and revered by such luminaries as DJ Hell, Terence Fixmer, Miss Kittin, and Sven Väth just to name a few.

Now in 2010, No More is back with their Midnight People & Lo-Life Stars Album which brings us their grandiose return to form, and the latest dance smash "Sunday Mitternacht".
While recording new material, Psyche are revving up their vintage tracks to support their forthcoming "Re-Membering Dwayne"
release that presents the early recordings with Dwayne Goettel (later of Skinny Puppy, RIP), as well as modern remakes of these life defining oeuvres.

Together these Electronic Legends have joined forces to show you what made them legends in the first place, while taking you on a trip back from the future.


"These guys are, quite literally, legends."
(The Playground Magazine - London/UK)

"Sexy, urban, cool as Neonlight"
(Zillo, Germany)
"a mix between the late Einstürzende Neubauten, early John Foxx and Lou Reed, spiced with Sanudakuras ghostly theremin."
(Zero Magazine, Sweden)
"It's nostalgic, modern, enigmatic, eerie and even uplifting at times."
(Reflections of Darkness)


"Their grandiose themese paint the sky, and all that's left to do is to lie back and admire the view" - SOUNDS, UK